Thursday, February 9, 2012

Give Your Home a Little TLC This Winter

In the lead up to winter weather, it’s a good idea to take stock of your home’s condition and tend to routine seasonal maintenance. After all, the steps you take now can help you and your family stays comfy and cozy when the weather turns bitter.

Winter home maintenance typically involves several areas of attention, including:

• Gutters and Downspouts – Keeping gutters and downspouts clear of debris and fallen leaves should be a routine task, especially as winter approaches. Spraying water down the downspouts will help loosen and wash away debris. You may also want to consider gutter screens for your gutters.

• Roof – Speaking of the roof, check for loose, damaged or missing shingles or tiles, or problems with flashing – any of which could lead to leaks. If found, make sure they’re repaired. Also, check the underside of the roof for any spots or odors that may be signs of a leak.

• Windows and Doors – Check weather-stripping on doors, and check caulk on windows. Or consider both if you’ve done neither. Caulking helps seal gaps, keep heat in and keep moisture away.

• Seal Leaks – While windows and doors are obvious sources of cracks, any cracks in the exterior of your house can let heat out. Check all exterior areas and fill and seal any cracks that are located with a caulking compound.

• Home Heating – Schedule a cleaning and inspection of your heating system. Ask about duct cleaning, too, if it’s been awhile since you’ve had that service done. Also, inspect your fireplace and chimney.

• Insulation – If you aren’t sure if your home is properly insulated, or if you’re concerned that your insulation may be damaged, give us a call and we can inspect it for you. Proper insulation can result in significant energy savings. Give us a call for a free inspection!

• Other Areas – Once you’ve given your home a complete once-over, don’t stop there. Check the driveway and sidewalk for cracks, and check the curb and gutter near your driveway to make sure they are clear of debris.

Let us know if we can help by inspecting your heating system and other areas of your home that may need winterizing for you and your family to stay warm and cozy this winter. Call (361) 668–1933.

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